[logs] Re: hosts to central logging servers efficiency: syslog or syslog-ng

From: Marcus J. Ranum (mjr@private)
Date: Fri May 26 2006 - 13:47:04 PDT

ScottO wrote:
>>Just not sure if rolling out syslog-ng to all the hosts is the best thing to do, when I can just do filtering, carving, etc. at the edge and central levels.

That's an important observation, right there. The time you might spend
rolling out lots of syslog-ng (and syslog-ng isn't exactly lightweight
software by anyone's standards...) is time you could probably spend
rolling a convenient mini-aggregator and developing a few analytic
scripts for it. Even if you used syslog-ng on just the aggregators it'd
mean only installing a few instances - a much smaller system
management headache. Sysadmin time can be just as important
a factor as network utilization (and then some).


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