Re: ftp mirror

From: FreeLSD (dimka@private)
Date: Mon Oct 21 2002 - 16:09:10 PDT

btw, i can setup mirror on the elvis... if you need it.

> The average bandwidth usage for ftp{1,2} during the
> day after announcing Owl 1.0 was around 2 Mbps (over 20 GB downloaded
> in one day).  (They're currently both at DataForce ISP.)  People on
> fast links have also been getting transfer rates of hundreds KBs per
> second, including many all the way to the US, and in a few cases even
> over 1 MB/sec (Europe only).  Nergal said the number of downloads was
> similar for (it's on a slower link, though).  For
> other mirrors, I don't know.

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