Re: NSA SELinux and Owl

From: soso@private
Date: Wed Oct 23 2002 - 17:11:10 PDT


> Sorry for not answering your question (I hope that someone else
> will, although I'm not sure anyone on this list has tried that),
> but just to give you some information, --
> We're considering officially supporting RSBAC at some stage, so you
> might want to stick with that instead.
> As for NSA SELinux, I have no experience myself but am not aware of a
> reason why it wouldn't work on Owl.  People have reported that their
> kernel patches are compatible with ours (some minor manual merging may
> be needed).

I'll look into RSBAC.  I just need to implement some form of ACL in
production, and want to do some testing.  Anyone else using ACL's on Owl,
please let me know what works/doesn't work for you.

Many Thanks,
Steve Olszewski
soso at busymonkeyNOSPAM. dot org

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