Re: [owl-users] New kernel

From: <7cigun_at_private>
Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2012 11:27:39 +0400
Thank you, Alexander!
Problem was in case of I did not apply Owl patch. I tried, but have got
messages. Thay sayd, that patch already applied. I suposed, that fresh
patch is already included in kernel source. But after your post I looked to
the version of my native tree. It was old! Than I downloaded fresh one,
then applied the Owl patch. And new kernel is working now! My carelessness
is guilty...
P.S. I make kernel from sources in case of some non standard options.

2012/6/8 Solar Designer <solar_at_private>

> On Fri, Jun 08, 2012 at 12:00:35PM +0400,   wrote:
> > I`m trying to build new kernel from sources.
> What is your reason to build from source rather than use our RPMs?
> (Building from source is no problem if you prefer.  I am merely asking.)
> > ~/sources/Owl/packages/kernel/patch-308.4.1.el5.028stab100.2-combined.xz
> |
> > patch -p1 -T
> >
> > As I see it`s last patch? And there isn`t more new one?
> This is the version we currently use, yes.  However, please don't forget
> that we also apply the Owl patch on top of this.
> > Anyway I`ve got error when compiling:
> This suggests that you did not apply the Owl patch (from our native
> tree).  Please do.  This is mentioned in the instructions on the wiki.
> Also, please start with our dot-config-* (the appropriate one) and make
> your desired config changes relative to that (keeping most other
> settings intact).  (Maybe this is what you were doing already.  I just
> thought I'd remind.)
> Alexander
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