Re: [owl-users] virtualization in openwall

From: Daniel Cegiełka <daniel.cegielka_at_private>
Date: Thu, 3 Jan 2013 11:46:01 +0100
2013/1/3 Zenny <garbytrash_at_private>:
> Zdrasdsviche!
> Belated happy new year 2013 to all Owl team!
> BTW, I would like to know whether anyone has experience with
> virtualization like xen or kvm with xen in Owl?

KVM is a bad choice - another user-space issue. Thats why the qubes
developers decided to use xen (see qubes doc's).

> The reason I am asking is because a Polish distro Qubes-OS claims it
> is secured. And I could not find anything more secured than Owl. If
> xen or kvm with qemu be integrated to Owl, how will it scale in terms
> of performance and security?
> Any inputs would be appreciated! Spacibo bolshoi!

Qubes is a system for the desktop - Owl for servers. You can't easily
transfer qubes functions (eg copying etc.) to Owl... but J. Rutkowska
and Wojtczuk approach is very interesting.


> /zenny
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