Re: [owl-users] /etc/inittab exisits, yet reports none!

From: Igmar Palsenberg <owl_at_private>
Date: Thu, 3 Jan 2013 20:55:32 +0100
> I installed Owl-3_0-stable version on a separate /boot usb stick and /
> in a hdd. After installation, boot halts reporting 'INIT: no inittab
> file found \n Enter run level:' I entered 3 and it errored back:
> 'INIT: no more processes left in this run level'.
> I tried to boot live iso in rescue mode, but reported kernel panic. So
> I booted again in safe mode from the live iso image. Checked
> /etc/inittab in the installed /etc (I allocated a separate partition
> for /etc) directory and the file /etc/inittab duly exists.
> What could be the problem?

That you can't locate /etc on a separate partition. It is required that it should be the root partition,
along with /sbin, /bin, and /lib{64} at least.

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