RE: [PEN-TEST] Deploying a Win32 Sniffer

From: Tam, GS-12, NCPAC, 3371 (kntam000at_private)
Date: Wed Aug 01 2001 - 10:42:30 PDT

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    >>buttsniffer (  is the
    >>only one I know of that is out.  And can cause problems like crashing the
    >>machine.  I have only played with it a little, so YMMV...
    >>Foundstone says they have one called fsniff that will work, but they
    >>haven't released it as of yet...
    Anyone know if fsniff has yet been released (post above/below from Nov 00)
    or any other stable release of a Win32(WinNT spceifically) sniffer that
    doesn't require rebooting or a special packet driver?
    Mahalo in advance,
    Karina Noelani Tam
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    >I have heard several people say that once you compromise a minor target
    >you might want to install a packet sniffer to pickup IDs and passwords on
    >the wire.
    >The sniffers I have used (for example, DSniff for Win32) require a packet
    >driver to be installed on the system and it be rebooted. Is there some way
    >to sniff IDs/Passwords without that type of packet driver?
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