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From: Tina Bird (tbird@precision-guesswork.com)
Date: Thu Aug 09 2001 - 11:01:57 PDT

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    The Log Analysis mailing list is a forum for system administrators who
    are building and using a centralized logging infrastructure in their
    networks.  Most of the discussion will focus on the care and feeding
    of syslog -- central loghosts, how to configure the devices in your
    network, how to secure your log infrastructure.  We also talk about how
    to manage and process your log data.
    One of my primary goals for this list is to collect log data from
    attacks "in the wild," and to build configuration files for swatch
    and logsurfer that contain samples of these known attack signatures.
    Hopefully this will encourage more people to look at their logfiles
    regularly.  I will also be publishing syslog configurations for
    devices as I collect them.
    This list is moderated by Tina Bird.
    To subscribe to the LogAnalysis mailing list, send an empty e-mail
    message to
    from the account you want to add.  You'll be asked to confirm the
    subscription request, and sent a list of administrative commands
    for your subscription.
    And start talking!
    Thanks -- tbird
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