Re: sniffing X traffic.

From: Mike Craik (bovineat_private)
Date: Sun Aug 12 2001 - 18:07:09 PDT

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    Power Steve wrote:
    > Anyone know if you can meaningfully sniff Exceed ( I guess it's the same as
    > X) traffic?  Im being a bit lame, my personal test lab is down atm, and I
    > cant find anything on the net re sniffing and interpreting X traffic.
    You can have quite a bit of 'fun' with X11.
    If someone running an unprotected X server - not using MIT Magic Cookies
    or xhost authentication properly for example (they have issued 'xhost +'
    ...) - then you can easily grab a screenshot of their X display
    /usr/X/bin/xwd -root -out /tmp/i_can_see_you.dmp
    (:0 indicates the first X display - this listens on port 6000, :1 would
    be port 6001 etc.)
    /usr/X/bin/xwud -in /tmp/i_can_see_you.dmp
    Out of the box, The Exceed X11 server places no restrictions on remote
    connections... :-(
    xspy - - can be
    used to capture keystrokes from an X server. You don't need much of an
    imagination to realize what sort of thing it can be used for :-).
    Pretty much any packet sniffer can grab X11 packets. AFAIK dsniff will
    sniff MIT Magic cookies.
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