Re: ipforwarding enabled, what can I do

From: Forrest Rae (
Date: Mon Aug 20 2001 - 08:52:35 PDT

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    I don't normally post to this list, so if I'm completely wrong, don't
    beat me up.  :)  If you had the private snmp string, could you write to
    the route tables?  There might be a snmp option for setting
    bi-directional routing?
    Vladimir Parkhaev wrote:
    > I am doing a vulnerability assesment for one of our clients. One
    > of their boxes is a multihomed Solaris server with ipforwarding enabled.
    > IP addresses are available via snmp with default community string.
    > I tried to use this box as a gateway to internal network coming
    > from the Internet without success.  I also looked at source
    > routing but did not find any tools (Net::RawIP does not seem
    > to support IP options).
    > Does anybody know how I can use this box to do routing for me?
    > Thanks.
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