Subject: Beta Testers Needed, Part II

From: Alfred Huger (ahat_private)
Date: Mon Aug 20 2001 - 12:26:58 PDT

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    Hey all,
    SecurityFocus is in the process of beta testing a commercial data
    mining/trending & analysis system for globally deployed IDS's.
    Currently we are looking for beta testers to help us review (and beat up)
    the system in place. In particular we are hoping for participation from
    IDS administrators who currently deal with IDS data in large environments.
    Beta testing this system will allow you pour through data from 124
    countries over a 9 month period with very powerful analytical ability at
    your disposal. For those of you who deal with IDS data in a day to day
    setting it would probably be fairly interesting. The system itself is
    built from data collected from RealSecure, Snort, BlackICE Defender &
    ICEPac as well as Cisco Secure IDS (formerly Netranger).
    In this second phase of testing the beta process is open to all comers
    (within a limit of 100 new testers) whereas before we were limited to
    Academic and non-profit organizations.
    If you would like to take part, please mail me directly.
    Finally, anyone who takes part will need to sign a mutual NDA.
    VP Engineering
    "Vae Victis"
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