New tool for you: dcetest

From: Dave Aitel (daitelat_private)
Date: Thu Aug 23 2001 - 06:40:11 PDT

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    Available at
    Microsoft has long offered "rpcdump" to allow administrators to analyze
    MSRPC network problems.  You can now download a mostly-compatible
    version for *nix I call "dcetest" which will do basically the same thing
    (connect to TCP/135 and query the endpoint mapper for usefull
    This may come in handy during pen tests, if you happen to be sitting on
    oasis of Unix surrounded by a vast swamp of Windows. It may also be good
    for you if you happen to wonder how that protocol works, or if you're
    writing the world's best packet sniffer ( and need to
    update your protocol parsers. :> Please send any comments, questions, or
    flames directly to me at daitelat_private
    Interestingly, dcetest is also available at freenet:KSKat_private .
    Dave Aitel
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