RAID 2001 -- Call For Participation

From: Giovanni Vigna (vignaat_private)
Date: Sun Aug 26 2001 - 14:10:31 PDT

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                         RAID 2001 -- Call For Participation 
                          Fourth International Symposium on 
                        Recent Advances in Intrusion Detection 
                                 October 10-12, 2001
                                   Davis, CA, USA
    The RAID 2001 Program Committee  invites participants interested in the newest
    technologies  developed  in  the  area  of intrusion  detection  research  and
    deployment, to register with our local organizer, the University of California
    at Davis,  CA.  A preliminary program  is available. In a  nutshell, RAID 2001
    will welcome 21 presentations and two panels over 2 1/2 days.
    This  symposium, the  fourth  in  an annual  series,  brings together  leading
    figures from  academia, government,  and industry to  discuss state-of-the-art
    intrusion detection  technologies and issues from the  research and commercial
    perspectives.  The RAID International  Symposium series is intended to further
    advances in intrusion detection by promoting  the exchange of ideas in a broad
    range of topics.
    RAID'98, held  in Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium,  was the first in  an anticipated
    annual  series of  international Symposia  that has  brought  together leading
    figures from academia, government and  industry to ponder the current state of
    intrusion  detection   technologies  and  paradigms  from   the  research  and
    commercial  perspectives. More  than 130  participants attended  RAID'98, with
    nearly 50%  from outside  Europe, reflecting the  international nature  of the
    meeting. RAID'99, held  in Purdue, Indiana, was hosted  by CERIAS and welcomed
    more than 180 participants from  academia, government and industry. RAID 2000,
    hosted by ONERA in Toulouse,  France, welcomed more than 130 participants from
    academia (50%), government  (20%) and industry (30%), 40%  coming from USA and
    Canada, 60% from Europe. After  Louvain-la-Neuve, Purdue and Toulouse, RAID is
    being locally organized in 2001 by University of California at Davis.
    Registration information, directions to  UC Davis, and preliminary program are
    available  at the  symposium's  site (
    For more information, please contact the RAID 2001 Program Committee co-chairs
    Wenke Lee (wenkeat_private) or Ludovic Me (
    Giovanni Vigna                           
    University of California Santa Barbara - Dept. of Computer Science
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