Netcat for multiple file transfer.

From: Rajeev Kumar (rajeevat_private)
Date: Mon Aug 27 2001 - 20:44:30 PDT

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    I have a situation where I have to copy multiple files from machine 'A'  to 
    machine 'B' using netcat. For transfer of  single file I can use netcat 
    command something like below on machineA and machineB.
    machineB%  nc -l -p 9000 > file1 
    machineA%  cat file1 | nc machineB 9000
    Now I want to automate this process by using scripts or any nifty trick of 
    netcat so that I can transfer multiple files (file1, file2, file3 ...) from 
    machineA to machineB without manually typing server and client netcat command 
    'nc' each time. Restriction is I have to  transfer these files serially. i.e 
    I would like to transfer file2 when file1 transfer is done and so on.
    Any suggestions, pointers ?
    	Rajeev Kumar (rajeevat_private)
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