nmap & nessus

From: sulloat_private
Date: Fri Feb 14 2003 - 08:14:35 PST

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    I want to replace nmap with a (perl) script, which depending on the target
    machine may or may not add a "--scan_delay 1" to the options before calling the
    real nmap (I need to do this automatically, so that I can *guarantee* that some
    hosts have the delay whether or not the nessus/nmap user remembers). This is
    working great if you call nmap on the command line, but I'm having trouble when
    Nessus calls it.
    It behaves as if it does not do a portscan at all. nessusd.dump shows:
     nessus_popen: running nmap - nmap -n -P0 -p 1-65535 -sT -O -r 10.x.x.x
     fgets: Interrupted system call
    I've looked through nmap_wrapper.c & popen.c and don't see any obvious reason
    for this (but my C is not great). Any ideas how to resolve this?
    - Nessus 1.2.6, nmap 3.00, Solaris 2.8 SPARC 
    - The perl (could be any language) opens a read file handle to nmap, and returns
    nmap's output as it gets it, so there is no delay up the chain to Nessus
    - The perl does *not* change nmap's output in any way
    - If I execute the nmap options shown in nessusd.dump on the command line, they
    work fine through the perl script
    Thanks for your help

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