[Plugins-writers] Re: Nessus not scanning

From: Renaud Deraison (deraison@private)
Date: Sat Jan 31 2004 - 16:28:58 PST

On Fri, Jan 30, 2004 at 10:50:00AM -0500, JHORVAT1@private wrote:
> I am having issues somewhat similar to what Ravi was seeing.  I want to enable
> the "Ping the remost host" option to do an ICMP ping because I'm scanning
> large subnets and want to move on quickly if something doesn't appear to be
> up.  The "Ping the remote host" option calls ping_host.nasl, and using
> Ethereal I found what seems to be the problem.  Nessus sends out an ICMP echo
> request, but hosts never reply, apparently because the IP header checksum in
> the ICMP packet is 0!  The relevant part of ping_host.nasl is below (sorry if
> the formatting is goofy):

Which version of Nessus are you using ? Also, you should use the tcp
ping method, it's way more efficient.
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