RE: [Plugins-writers] Inktomi Search Vulnerability

From: Martin O'Neal (martin.oneal@private)
Date: Tue Jul 06 2004 - 06:32:10 PDT

Spooky! I had just cut a nasl script for this last week.

The vuln has already been identified and released as:

Additionally, sending dos device names to some web engines will cause a
DOS condition (such as older versions of the Compaq web agent), so we
concluded that the test needed to have some kind of pre-check to ensure
that the platform is Inktomi/Ultraseek before sending the /nul test.

Alternative script attached.

Martin O'Neal

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Discovered vulnerability in an old version of Inktomi Search,
requests using MS-DOS special file names such as nul can cause a
python error which contain physical path of the webroot.

The vulnerability has been fixed in most recent version.

I have attached the test.


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