RE: [Plugins-writers] redirects and http plugins

From: Michael Scheidell (scheidell@private)
Date: Sun Sep 12 2004 - 04:54:59 PDT

>cross_site_scripting.nasl is supposed to do something like this
>When it fails, for whatever reason, you get FP on every XSS
>script. This happened to me last week.

Ok, but how do we tell when it fails?

wasn't no404.nasl supposed to tell us that there was a large possibility
that every plugin would be a FP? and warn us?

What do we do when we get PF's (this seems to be a load balancer gone
debug mode shows the '301' header interdispersed with the www banner

Where should I start to try to tighten it up?

Since you have an example (probably similar situation? load balancer?)

you going to take the first swipe at it?
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