[Plugins-writers] Scripting local security checks

From: David Jacoby (dj@private)
Date: Tue Nov 23 2004 - 05:37:03 PST

Hi everyone!

Im new to this list and this is my first post. I dont know if thise 
already been discussed, sorry
if i bring it up again if it has.

Im trying to create a script for the local security checks thats 
available in the Nessus 2.2.0 version.
First i just tried to modify the ssh_get_info.nasl file. I changed the 
following line at row 161:

buf = ssh_cmd(socket:sock,cmd:"uname -n");


buf = ssh_cmd(socket:sock,cmd:"ps ax");

to just to see if i could execute something else, but the script wont 
even be executed if i modify anything. So
i lurked around a little bit more and found out that it has some kind of 
checksum at the first line, so i guess
i cant execute it if its not "trusted". Well i changed 
nasl_no_signature_check  to "yes" in the nessus.conf file
but still no luck.

Is there anyone else in here that had the same problem or hopefully 
someone who knows how to execute
something else than just "uname -a"



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