Re: [Plugins-writers] ssltest.nasl + + false positives againsst IIS ?

From: John Lampe (jwlampe@private)
Date: Thu Dec 30 2004 - 09:07:02 PST

Haroon Meer wrote:

> Hi guys..
> We recently started picking up false positives with the ssltest.nasl
> (OpenSSL overflow via invalid certificate passing) (script_id(11875))
> against IIS servers.
> The nasl _does_ do a check for IIS, Netware etc prior to testing by
> sending a client_hello(mymlen:0, mymtype:0, myversion:15) and checking
> for a response.
> A response (according to the script) indicates an
> IIS/Netware/Non-OpenSSL implementation and the test exits there..
> This used to work ferpectly : (ssltest.nasl renamed ssltest2 with more
> displays()'s)

I committed some changes last night.  Can you please check the latest 
rev (1.23) of ssltest.nasl (with newest as well)?  The IIS 
servers should now be weeded out prior to the meaty portion of the check 


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