[Plugins-writers] Architecture of NESSUS

From: Rajiv Ranjan (rajiv.ncstian@private)
Date: Mon May 23 2005 - 04:10:12 PDT

Hello folks,

        we need to know the details about NESSUS vulnerability scanner.
1. The ARCHITECTURE of nessus(nessus client and daemon).
2. How nessus is using different O/S tools like, NMAP, HYDRA..
3. Which module is responsible for what? means which module of nessus is
        interacting with NMAP, which is for HYDRA and HOW?
4. Which module is responsible for customization to scan.
5. How to write plug in for nessus and also enable and disable the
        plug-in(not by using UI)
6. How to customize the report generation of nessus.
7. How can one integrate nessus with IDS to correlate the report and
        alert to reduce false alert .
8. How each and every module is interacting with each-other.

          I have searched the net to know the whole
architecture but didn't get much info. If u know or
have some relevant documents then Please let me know.

Thanks in-advance.
Rajiv Ranjan
NCST(now C-DAC), Bangalore
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