[Plugins-writers] Conditional script_cve_id() entries?

From: Jon Passki (cykyc@private)
Date: Fri Jun 10 2005 - 07:38:54 PDT

Hello All,

While reading the NASL2 guide [1] and getting some output from
plugin 10347 (NFS export - showmount.nasl), I am wondering if the
script_cve_id() and script_bugtraq_id() functions can be set
conditionally within the script and be honored within the
description part of the script.  Is this possible?  I'd try now,
but I'm documenting (e.g. lazy).  If so, I'll submit a patch to
showmount.nasl to only display the appropriate CVE entry depending
upon the issue.


[1] http://michel.arboi.free.fr/nasl2ref/node38.html

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