[Plugins-writers] Missing CVE IDs

From: Jayesh KS (k.s.jayesh@private)
Date: Mon Jul 04 2005 - 07:24:08 PDT


I was just going through some of the plugins and noticed that many of
them were not having any CVE IDs at the time of writing but later got
assigned,  which are not updated in the plugins.
I have  made a partial list of such scripts and their CVE ID's . I
think there are many other such scripts that do not have CVE ID's. I
thought it would be beneficial for all. Is this exercise worth
carrying out? Any thoughts?

basilix_arbitrary_file_disclosure.nasl    CAN-2002-1710    BID-5062
basilix_attachment_disclosure.nasl        CAN-2002-1711    BID-5065
basilix_message_content_script_injection.nasl    CAN-2002-1708    BID-5060
basilix_sql_injection.nasl    CAN-2002-1709    BID-5061
bookreview_xss.nasl    CAN-2005-1782    BID-13783
cherokee_dir_traversal.nasl      CAN-2001-1433 CAN-2001-1432  
cherokee_remote_cmd.nasl       CAN-2001-1433     BID-3771,3773 
easy_message_board_cmd_exec.nasl      CAN-2005-1549    BID-13555, 13551
episodex_guestbook.nasl      CAN-2005-1684    BID-13692, 13693
delegate_overflow2.nasl       CAN-2005-0759, CAN-2005-0760,
CAN-2005-0761    BID-12867
cutenews_show_news_xss.nasl     CAN-2004-0660     BID-10620, 10750
calendarix_sql.nasl     CAN-2005-1865    BID-13825, 13826
calendar_scheduler_xss.nasl     CAN-2005-0872    BID-12893

Jayesh KS.
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