Re: [Plugins-writers] Converting a string to an int that's greater than 2^31-1

From: Jon Passki (cykyc@private)
Date: Thu Oct 06 2005 - 18:06:18 PDT

--- Renaud Deraison <deraison@private> wrote:

> On Oct 6, 2005, at 19:46, Jon Passki wrote:
> >
> > Yeah, if I can break it down ;-)  Cyclical answer, I know.  The
> > string is an IP address, basically, in quad-octet form.  The
> moment
> > any numeric routines are applied, it's converted to an int,
> rounded
> > to 2^31.
> No, it's converted to a signed int, so if you just perform bit- 
> shifting operations then things are working.
> What do you want to do exactly ?

I disagree (but would be happy to eat my words).  If it was
converted to just a signed int, I should have a pretty big negative
value, since the sign bit is set to 1, with the remaining values,
two off IIRC.  That is true if two defined ints less than 2^31-1
are added together, since they overflow.  But the string to int
conversion leaves me with exactly 2^31 - 1.

2172748161 is in quad-octet decimal format (or
0x81818181), which is the end goal.  Converting from an int to quad
is easy (got the code already, just bitwise shifts by >> 8 & 255 as
you mentioned already).

Doing something w/ the string doesn't give the desired result:

stuff = "2172748161";
display ( stuff + "\n");
poo[0] = stuff & 255;
display ( poo[0] + "\n");


it should have outputed...
129 [or whatever the negative value & w/ 255 would be, which I
think is 2 off]

Did I miss something?  Should I be using some other type of string
function?  My input is an HTTP string, not a straight int.  I think
this is the issue because I'm converting from an ASCII string to an
int.  I think the conversion truncates everything down to 2^31-1.


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