Re: [Plugins-writers] Command line scan

From: Duane Fletcher (fletcherduane@private)
Date: Wed Oct 12 2005 - 12:55:26 PDT

Thank you for the reponse(s).  I was hoping for a solution that allowed 
nessus to be used as more of an inline scan.  I ned to scan the systems one 
at a time when they connect.   Nasl worked great since I could run it with a 
single IP address on the command line and then take additional actions based 
on the "Success" response.

Can nessus take stdin for the IP address to scan?
Can the output of nessus be sent to stdout?
Can nasl be configured to enable dependencies?


>From: Michel Arboi <mikhail@private>
>To: "Duane Fletcher" <fletcherduane@private>
>CC: plugins-writers@private
>Subject: Re: [Plugins-writers] Command line scan
>Date: Wed, 12 Oct 2005 21:38:20 +0200
>On Wed Oct 12 2005 at 20:20, Duane Fletcher wrote:
> > Does anyone have a sample command line that can be used to have nesses
> > scan a single IP address?
>I guess that a very simple shell script would do it.
>Something like this should work:
>for IP in $@; do
>   echo $IP > $TMP
>   nessus -q nessus_host 1241 user pass $TMP ${IP}.nbe
>   rm -f $TMP

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