[Plugins-writers] Possible problems in netbios_name_get.nasl???

From: Jerry Heidtke (Jerry_Heidtke@private)
Date: Thu Oct 13 2005 - 15:07:50 PDT

We're having problems running local security checks against a few of our 
Windows servers. This is only affecting about 8 out of 160 servers.

The common thread seems to be that if nbtstat -a <server> returns 
"INet~Services  <1C>  GROUP       Registered" as the first entry in the 
netbios name table, smb_login.nasl (or something) tries to login with the 
domain of INet~Services instead of the defined domain name. It should be 
using the Group entry of type <00>, regardless of the location in the name 

This seemed to start about a week ago. I notice that netbios_name_get.nasl 
was completely rewritten around then.

If I run a scan against one of these servers with the current 
netbios_name_get.nasl the logins fail. I used the previous version, and it 
was successful.

I hope this is enough information to determine what the problem is with 
netbios_name_get.nasl. If not, let me know and I'll try to help in any way 
I can.

Jerry Heidtke

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