Re: [Plugins-writers] still negative on 20008, positive on 20004

From: Nicolas Pouvesle (npouvesle@private)
Date: Tue Oct 25 2005 - 17:34:00 PDT

On Oct 25, 2005, at 6:36 PM, eliot wrote:

> Hi folks, the dcetest.nasl shows the following (among others) and  
> nmap output follows below.  I'm still getting a negative on 20008..
> Furthermore with credentials, 20004 is positive..  I would be happy  
> to participate in getting to the bottom of this. Apologies if I'm a  
> windows
> idiot... :)

Could you send me a pcap capture (ethereal, tcpdump) between your  
nessus server and your windows host when you do a scan for this  
flaw ? (just select the plugin and the option "enable plugin  


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