Re: [Plugins-writers] SMB/Registry/Enumerated is missing

From: Ferdy Riphagen (f.riphagen@private)
Date: Sat Jul 01 2006 - 05:59:04 PDT

Simon Prazak wrote:
> I have received an error [see bellow] when running one of my scans. 
> It appears as if the KB item 'SMB/Registry/Enumerated' does not exist
> and it is causing 'Script.nasl' not to launch.  The Script.nasl works
> with local segments, however this problem appears to happen with
> certain remote segments (overseas non-english versions of Microsoft OS
> - not sure if this has to do anything with my problem).
SMB/Registry/Enumerated is set by smb_hotfixes.nasl, and that one has
not run as seen below.
smb_hotfixes.nasl tries to grab a lot of info  from the remote registry
regarding hotfixes, patches, servicepacks etc, and registers the info in KB.

Do you have full access to the remote registry?
And could you see why smb_hotfixes.nasl did not run at all?
do enable 'plugin dependencies' if not done already.

check the KB for other SMB info like:
SMB/registry_full_access, SMB/transport, SMB/name, SMB/login,  etc, and
see if something else is missing.
Do you have full access to ports 139 or 445?
I don't know if it is related that these systems running a non-english
OS, But I don't think it is...

> My question is, would it be safe for me to make a change in my script
> and remove the 'script_require_keys("SMB/Registry/Enumerated");' line
> from my script.  I do not seem to have SMB authentication problem as
> some of my tests (service pack tests) run fine.  Also, a little
> explanation as to the significance of the  "SMB/Registry/Enumerated"
> KB item would be appreciated.
You can leave the 'script_require_key' off, if you want to.

> Not launching smb_hotfixes.nasl against SERVER.COM [23]
> Not launching Script.nasl against SERVER.COM because the key
> SMB/Registry/Enumerated is missing (this is not an error)

-- Ferdy
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