[Plugins-writers] ssl_supported_ciphers.nasl and ssl_funcs.inc

From: Dennis Jackson (Dennis.Jackson@private)
Date: Tue Jul 25 2006 - 10:11:42 PDT

Can ssl_supported_ciphers.nasl (script_id 21643) be made to run stand alone?

At the moment it is dependent on kb items.

It seems that changing the line 
    if (!port || !get_port_state(port)) exit(0);
    if (!port) port = 443;
    if (!get_port_state(port)) exit(0);

and changing the line 
    if (encaps < ENCAPS_SSLv2 || encaps > ENCAPS_TLSv1 ) exit(0);
    if (encaps && (encaps < ENCAPS_SSLv2 || encaps > ENCAPS_TLSv1 )) exit(0);

is sufficient to allow it to run stand alone.

Secondly, ssl_funcs.inc doesn't include any of the 0x00 0x6x ciphers. 
A message in the archive shows these ciphers were included in version 1.2 
of ssl_funcs.inc. It looks like the details for ciphers 0x00 0x60 to 
0x00 0x66 need to be restored.
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