FC: Privacy: Where's the Profit? event Thurs 7/12 in Mountain View

From: Declan McCullagh (declanat_private)
Date: Wed Jul 11 2001 - 20:03:35 PDT

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    [I was scheduled to participate in this event organized by the Silicon 
    Valley Association of Startup Entrepreneurs but, alas, won't be able to 
    make it. It promises to be an excellent discussion, and I urge Politech 
    members in the area to stop by. --Declan]
    SVASE Monthly Meeting
    Privacy: Where's the Profit?
    Microsoft Campus, Mountain View
    Thursday, July 12, 2001, 6 pm
    Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of startup business plans are based on 
    exploiting privacy technologies. Technologies that protect privacy --- as 
    well as business plans based on those that undermine it --- seem to come 
    out nearly every week. Existing or proposed federal privacy laws will have 
    a huge impact on whether those plans ever succeed.
    This extraordinarily high-powered panel of experts will sort through the 
    issues and tell you what they view as the key issues for entrepreneurs 
    facing - or hoping to make money from - the rules and regulations of 
    electronic privacy.
    Our keynote speaker and moderator JIM HARPER, based in Washington, DC, is 
    one of the world's preeminent experts in privacy policy. He is the founder 
    and principal of PolicyCounsel.Com, a lobbying and consulting firm focused 
    on e-commerce, technology, and telecommunications. He is the founder of 
    Privacilla.org, the only online think-tank devoted to privacy as a public 
    policy issue. Mr. Harper served as counsel to committees in both the United 
    States House of Representatives and the United States Senate. He now works 
    to help Congress and regulators understand the New Economy. In his 
    presentation to SVASE, Jim will unpack the complex concept of privacy and 
    discuss the thinking and plans of legislators, regulators, and advocates. 
    Progress & Freedom Foundation (<http://www.pff.org/>http://www.pff.org/) 
    recently named Jim as an Adjunct Fellow.
    MARK UNCAPHER is Vice President and Counsel of the Information Technology 
    Association of America, responsible for ITAA s Internet Commerce & 
    Communications Division. The more than 100 members of the division include: 
    Amazon.com, AOLTime Warner, AT&T, Boeing, Cable & Wireless, Covad 
    Communications, EDS, Exodus, Focal Communications, Fujitsu Limited, Global 
    Crossings, IBM, MCI WorldCom, Metromedia Fiber Network, Microsoft, Nortel 
    Networks, SunGard Data, Teligent, and Yahoo. Uncapher argues that the issue 
    is not about whether to protect consumer privacy on the Internet -- that is 
    what the public expects and what Internet companies are determined to 
    provide -- the challenge is to identify the best and most profitable ways 
    to do so.
    DAVE KRAMER is a litigation partner with the reknowned law firm Wilson 
    Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati.  On the privacy front, Kramer has worked 
    extensively with technology pioneers such as Google and Netscape, 
    developing startups such as Napster and Yodlee, and new online entrants 
    like Orbitz, Cogit and Enviz. Mr. Kramer will discuss the biggest threats 
    companies currently face in the privacy arena, including privacy regulation.
    DECLAN McCULLAGH is Washington Bureau Chief for Wired News. He has been 
    writing about the Internet since 1990. McCullagh moderates politech, a 
    mailing list looking broadly at politics and technology that was founded in 
    1994. He has appeared on CNN, CNN-fn, Court TV, NPR, ABC News, CNBC, CBC, 
    CSPAN, Reuters TV, and Fox News. He is a member of the International 
    Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences and has been a judge in the Webby 
    awards, the Ars Electronica awards, the Internet Freedom journalism awards, 
    and the Pacific Research Institute technology privatization awards.
    RAY EVERETT-CHURCH, is a Principal at PrivacyClue LLC.  Called the "dean of 
    corporate privacy officers" by Inter@ctive Week Magazine, Ray 
    Everett-Church is an internationally recognized expert on privacy law and 
    policy. In 1999, he became the world's first corporate Chief Privacy 
    Officer, a ground-breaking position soon adopted by dozens of Fortune 500 
    firms. Founder of PrivacyClue LLC, a privacy-oriented consultancy, he 
    advises firms on developing privacy measures consistent with existing laws, 
    prevailing consumer attitudes, and acceptable industry practices.  He was 
    previously an attorney with the Washington, DC-area telecommunications law 
    firm of Haley Bader & Potts, and has counseled America Online, Microsoft, 
    and numerous start-up ventures.
    Meetings costs are as follows:
    Member Meeting Only - FREE
    Member Meeting & Dinner - $25
    Non-Member Meeting & Dinner - $45
    New Membership & Meeting - $125
    New Membership, Meeting & Dinner - $150
    Sponsor or Sponsor's Guest - FREE
    Sponsor or Sponsor's Guest Meeting & Dinner - $25
    Student Meeting Only - $10
    Member Meeting & Dinner - $35
    Non-Member Meeting & Dinner - $55
    New Membership & Meeting - $125
    New Membership, Meeting & Dinner - $160
    Meeting Agenda:
    6:00 - Buffet Opens (Time for Networking)
    7:00 - Announcements and Reports
    7:15 - Panel Begins
    9:00 - Final Announcements and More Networking
    The July meeting is being held at:
    Microsoft Silicon Valley Campus - Building 1
    1065 La Avenida (formerly L'avenida)
    Mountain View, CA  94043
    Phone:  650-693-4000
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