FC: Adobe offers to meet, EFF calls off Monday "free Dmitry" protest

From: Declan McCullagh (declanat_private)
Date: Fri Jul 20 2001 - 13:16:18 PDT

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    [Though it's not clear that all the protesters around the U.S. will
    stay home. Some appear to be upset enough to gather anyway. Which is
    probably a good strategy if Adobe doesn't agree to withdraw their
    complaint. --Declan]
    From: Will Doherty <wildat_private>
    Subject: [free-sklyarov] Adobe Will Talk! July 23 Sklyarov Protest on Hold
    Date: Fri, 20 Jul 2001 12:51:12 -0700
    Congratulations folks!
    The pressure we all have put on Adobe has resulted
    in an agreement to meet with representatives from
    the Electronic Frontier Foundation on this Monday
    morning, July 23.
    For that reason, EFF has decided to:
    Please help us act in good faith and postpone the
    protest until we have a chance to negotiate with
    Of course, we can always rekindle the protest if
    Adobe does not agree to withdraw their complaint
    to the US Department of Justice regarding Dmitry
    Sklyarov and to refuse to pursue further prosecutions
    under the DMCA for cases that should be prevented
    under fair use provisions of US copyright law.
    And also, if the US Attorney's office insists
    on prosecuting Dmitry without a current complaint
    from Adobe, then we will continue protests directed
    at them rather than at Adobe.
    If you still feel that you have to protest on
    Monday, you are of course free to do so.
    However, it may be a more effective use of
    our collective energies to act in a coordinated
    way to get Dmitry out of jail.
    I am writing a media release to this effect as
    soon as I sent this email to you... wanted you
    all to know first.
    Free Dmitry,
    Will Doherty
    Online Activist / Media Relations
    Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)
    Web http://www.eff.org
    Electronic Frontier Foundation - Protecting rights in the digital age
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