FC: George Will on Ohio man arrested for dirty diary entries

From: Declan McCullagh (declanat_private)
Date: Sun Jul 29 2001 - 10:41:38 PDT

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    Conservative icon George Will, allowing that Supreme Court rulings make it 
    likely that the "morphed" child porn law will be overturned? Amazing. Next 
    perhaps the right's favorite pundit might start talking about how the 
    states and not the Feds should be responsible for most criminal laws.
    The Puzzling Case of a Dirty Diarist
    2001-07-29 03:15:56
    Category: opinion
    The Puzzling Case of a Dirty Diarist
    By George F. Will
    Sunday, July 29, 2001; Page B07
    Brian Dalton, 22, of Columbus, Ohio,
    will probably lower the moral tone of the prison if he serves the
    seven-year term -- plus 18 months for violation of his probation -- to
    which he recently was sentenced. He seems to be an appalling person
    with ghastly tastes. But his conviction under a state statute
    concerning child pornography is puzzling. He was convicted for writing
    in his 14-page journal, for his private delectation, pornographic
    stories involving three fictional children, caged in a basement. The
    journal was found during a search of his home by his probation
    officer. Dalton was on probation after serving time in jail for a 1998
    conviction involving pornographic photographs of children. The
    Associated Press reports that Dalton's stories about the sexual abuse
    and torture of children were so lurid that grand jurors asked the
    detective reading them to stop almost as soon as he began. But Dalton
    is believed to be the first person ever convicted in any U.S.
    jurisdiction for child pornography involving writings rather than
    photographs, films or other images of real children. A second problematic 
    aspect of Dalton's case is that he evidently had no interest in 
    disseminating his writings.
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