FC: Microsoft and DOJ reach tentative settlement --NYT

From: Declan McCullagh (declanat_private)
Date: Thu Nov 01 2001 - 06:17:51 PST

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    Justice Department and Microsoft Agree on Most of Settlement Pact
    WASHINGTON, Oct. 31  The Justice Department and the Microsoft Corporation 
    (news/quote) have reached a tentative agreement to settle the long-running 
    antitrust suit against the company, people involved in the talks said today.
    The proposed agreement, some details of which were being resolved late this 
    evening, was presented by Charles A. James, the assistant attorney general 
    in charge of the antitrust division, to a group of state attorneys general 
    meeting in Washington for their consideration. In meetings expected to last 
    through the evening, the state officials were pressing the Bush 
    administration to impose tougher conditions on Microsoft than it had 
    proposed. State officials were also assessing whether they would agree to a 
    deal or break with the Justice Department and try to upset the preliminary 
    The agreement, which came after three weeks of mediation, cannot become 
    effective unless it is approved by a federal court. Rival companies and 
    consumer groups said tonight that they were certain to oppose it as 
    A crucial issue is whether the 18 states that joined the Microsoft suit can 
    be persuaded to agree to any settlement or will oppose it. The states have 
    taken the hardest line against Microsoft, especially after the Bush 
    administration inherited the case. An earlier effort under the Clinton 
    administration to settle the case was scuttled under pressure from the states.
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