FC: Net media firms need protection against "signal piracy" --DIMA

From: Declan McCullagh (declanat_private)
Date: Mon Nov 26 2001 - 11:48:39 PST

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    Subject: DiMA Statement Re: EU Proposal to WIPO
    To: declan
    Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2001 14:32:56 -0500
    November 26, 2001
    Brian E. Hoyt
    Brodeur Worldwide (for DiMA)
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    European Union Proposal to WIPO Would Grant Internet Media Companies
    Protections Against "Signal Piracy" Equal to Traditional Broadcasters
    DiMA Supports Europe's Direction and Encourages US Officials to Take
    Similar Action
    WASHINGTON, DC - Jonathan Potter, Executive Director of the Digital Media
    Association (DiMA), issued the following statement on today's opening of a
    World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) meeting of more than 100
    nations in Geneva, Switzerland:
    "The Digital Media Association (DiMA) strongly supports the approach of the
    European Union's proposed "broadcast rights" treaty language which will be
    considered this week by WIPO.  The EU approach would provide traditional
    anti-piracy protection to broadcast signals regardless of the transmission
    technology used to distribute these broadcasts.  DiMA welcomes the EU
    approach that puts webcasting and Internet transmissions on the same
    footing as traditional radio and television broadcasting.
    "This is an historic opportunity to set a new framework for how regulatory
    bodies define broadcasting, media, and the protection of intellectual
    "Since our inception in 1998, DiMA has been an active advocate before WIPO
    and other organizations for intellectual property protection regimes that
    are consistent across all technology platforms.
    "Specifically, DiMA has encouraged WIPO's consideration of a possible new
    international treaty to protect the rights of broadcasters, including
    webcasters, against piracy of their broadcast signals, whether those
    signals are delivered by wire or by wireless technology.
    "The EU approach is consistent with DiMA's objectives to have a new
    inclusive treaty that would grant equivalent intellectual property
    protections to both established and new media.  Any other approach would
    suggest that copyrighted content has different value merely because it is
    broadcast by terrestrial broadcast, cable, satellite or the Internet.
    "The EU's forward-looking approach will assure that a new broadcaster
    rights treaty, which is likely to be in force for several decades, will
    protect the growing Internet webcasting industry - an industry in which
    both traditional radio and television companies participate fully.
    Anything less would make a new treaty obsolete before adoption.
    "DiMA encourages the United States government to support the EU approach at
    this week's WIPO conference, and to ensure that U.S. policy does not
    discriminate against new media.  This is critically important as new
    technologies and new forms of digital media transmission change the
    landscape for consumers of entertainment goods and services."
    The Digital Media Association (www.digmedia.org) is the only trade
    association that exclusively represents companies that develop and utilize
    digital technologies to perform, distribute, protect and manage
    entertainment content.  On behalf of the digital media industry and our
    member companies, DiMA supports public policies and business practices that
    encourage technological innovation, creativity and consumer value.
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