FC: usqueers.com bows to pressure, deletes "should die" page

From: Declan McCullagh (declanat_private)
Date: Fri Nov 30 2001 - 14:31:51 PST

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    Bombastic conservative demands that DOJ censor usqueers.com
    The site now says:
    >That page is offline while we contemplate design changes which will allow 
    >us to freely express our opinions of the "sacred cows" on the list -- as 
    >they have so freely expressed similar opinions about us -- yet which will 
    >not subject usQueers.com to tedious and unnecessary legal entanglements.
    >So far, we have been contacted by zero law enforcement agencies of any 
    >kind, not counting the "officers" who sent us their own personal opinions.
    From: dburtat_private
    Subject: usqueers.com SLAPPed down
    Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2001 10:04:57 -0800
    Pro-Homosexual Website Removes Death Threats
    By Fred Jackson and Jody Brown
    November 29, 2001
    (AgapePress) - A California-based website that advocated the death of
    several high-profile conservatives because of their stand against
    homosexuality has suddenly had a change of heart.
    The San Diego website goes by the name of "usqueers.com." Among others,
    it called for the death of people like former President Ronald Reagan,
    Rev. D. James Kennedy, evangelist Pat Robertson, and American Family
    Association founder Don Wildmon. An old-fashioned "Wanted" poster had
    appeared on the website with the following words: "WANTED: To Experience
    a Horrible Death By Any Means Soon Well-Known Het[erosexual]
    Supremacists, Deserve It As Their Reward" -- then listed the names.
    But in the wake of protests from a number of legal and pro-family
    organizations to law enforcement officials, the site has deleted those
    names. It has also deleted solicitations of its readership for private
    information on the people it targeted.
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