FC: About 43 percent of public libraries filter Internet, survey says

From: Declan McCullagh (declanat_private)
Date: Wed Jan 09 2002 - 09:24:14 PST

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    [David Burt is not just an interested party, but a well-known troll. 
    Defined here: http://www.tuxedo.org/~esr/jargon/html/entry/troll.html 
    Still, this is relevant information. --Declan]
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     >From the latest Library Journal:
    "Some 43% reported filtering Internet use, a jump from previous years (31%
    in 2001, 25% in 2000). Of those filtering the Internet, 96% filter all their
    children's terminals. About half of those filtering also filter adult 
    Perhaps because of the cost of filtering, smaller libraries (under 25,000
    population) were least likely to use filters. The average cost was $1,722
    per library system, but smaller libraries (under 50,000) spent an average
    of $360 or less.
    Some of that filtering may have been implemented in response to the Children's
    Internet Protection Act (CIPA), which ties the receipt of E-rate funds to
    filtering. However, the law has been challenged, and it's likely that the
    courts will resolve the issue this year before libraries must decide whether
    to install filters."
    Library Journal, 1-15-2001
    And more interesting filtering facts from a Kaiser Foundation Study:
    Pornography and Internet Filtering
    Among all 15-24 year-olds:
    * Two-thirds (67%) support the law requiring Internet filters at schools
    and libraries.
    * Two out of three (65%) say being exposed to online pornography could have
    a serious impact
    on those under 18.
    * A majority (59%) think seeing pornography on the Internet encourages young
    people to have
    sex before they're ready.
    Among the 95% of all 15-17 year-olds who have ever gone online:
    * Seventy percent have accidentally stumbled across pornography online,
    23% "very" or
    "somewhat" often.
    * A majority (55%) of those who were exposed to pornography say they were
    "not too" or "not at
    all" upset by it, while 45% were "very" or "somewhat" upset.
    * A third (33%) of those with home Internet access have a filtering technology
    in place there.
    The entire study is online at 
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