FC: More on ex-DOJer Scott Charney decamps to Microsoft

From: Declan McCullagh (declanat_private)
Date: Sat Feb 02 2002 - 15:05:22 PST

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    [In general I agree with Charles about the risks here, but if the Clinton
    administration's policy was key escrow (and it was), Scott would have been
    bound to support it in public no matter what his personal views. Naturally
    one could respond that anyone with a conscience asked to take that
    position should resign. :) --Declan]
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    Declan, feel free to post this as you wish.
    My concern about Scott Charney (an amiable man, whom I once talked to for
    three hours, in an interview that was intended for Wired but was rejected
    and ended up excerpted in my book ANARCHY ONLINE) is that he was, and
    presumably still is, an ardent proponent of key escrow. Also of course he
    must have many friends in DoJ. So, do we look ahead and see "secure"
    MSoft products with back doors for federal access? Do we imagine MSoft
    taking precautions to protect itself against future hostile acts from DoJ
    and state attorneys may still want to dismantle its "monopoly"? Do we
    envisage MSoft claiming in the future that its surveillance-enabled
    products will help to protect us from the "terrorist threat"?
    I was one of those who felt that the attempt to break up Microsoft tended
    to damage the industry and investor confidence. The conflict between the
    company and the government was bad for the whole IT business. But a
    friendly informal ALLIANCE between Microsoft and the federal government
    would be something else again.
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