FC: Rep. Culberson drums up Hill votes for "trusted traveler" plan

From: Declan McCullagh (declanat_private)
Date: Mon Feb 04 2002 - 11:31:44 PST

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    [Rep. John Culberson is a first-term Republican from Texas, just west of
    Houston. http://www.house.gov/culberson/ See
    also: http://www.politechbot.com/p-03093.html --Declan]
    >Culberson Letter Regarding the Trusted Traveler Program
    >January 29, 2002
    >Support a Trusted Traveler Program in America
    >Dear Colleague:
    >Please join me in sending the following letter to Under Secretary for 
    >Transportation Security John Magaw encouraging him to implement a trusted 
    >traveler program in the United States:
    >"We are writing to express our support for the immediate implementation of 
    >a trusted traveler program authorized by the Aviation and Transportation 
    >Security Act and modeled after the successful Israeli program.  The 
    >National Air Transportation Association is working with Lockheed Martin, 
    >Microsoft, and other high tech companies to develop identification cards 
    >with encoded biometric data (such as fingerprints) for certain 
    >passengers.  These plastic "smart cards" would allow law-abiding U.S. 
    >citizens who travel frequently to become trusted travelers and be 
    >subjected to less rigorous screening procedures than other 
    >passengers.  The program would allow airport security and law enforcement 
    >personnel to focus their attention and resources on passengers who pose a 
    >legitimate hijacking threat, and would help the Transportation Security 
    >Administration achieve its stated goal of screening passengers and baggage 
    >with no passenger delays greater than 10 minutes.
    >Section 109(a)(3) of the recently enacted "Aviation and Transportation 
    >Security Act" authorizes the Under Secretary of Transportation Security 
    >to: establish requirements to implement trusted passenger programs and use 
    >available technologies to expedite the security screening of passengers 
    >who participate in such programs, thereby allowing security screening 
    >personnel to focus on those passengers who should be subject to more 
    >extensive screening.  We encourage the Administration to establish these 
    >requirements in a timely manner and to work closely with the National Air 
    >Transportation Association to oversee the development of passenger 
    >identification "smart cards."  Finally, we would like to know what, if 
    >any, specific plans the Administration has to implement a trusted traveler 
    >Thank you in advance for your consideration of this matter, and we look 
    >forward to your response."
    >Please contact Tony Essalih of my staff at 5-2571 if you have any 
    >questions or would like to co-sign this letter.  The deadline for 
    >signatures is Wednesday, February 6th.
    >John Culberson  Member of Congress
    >Tony Essalih
    >Senior Legislative Assistant
    >Congressman John Culberson (TX-07)
    >(202) 225-2571
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