FC: Man who sued alleged spammer replies to Politech post from lawyer

From: Declan McCullagh (declanat_private)
Date: Wed Feb 06 2002 - 08:32:30 PST

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    Mark Ferguson sued FriendFinder for allegedly spamming him. Ira Rothken
    represents FriendFinder; I sent out Ira's announcement yesterday:
    Mark's reply is below.
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    Subject: Mark Ferguson replies to the FriendFinder spammer's press release
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    Mark Ferguson authorized me to forward this to you.  It's on his web 
    site at 
    MARK FERGUSON and other situated similarly
    410 #A Haydon Street
    Healdsburg, CA 95448
    January 4, 2002 - HEALDSBURG, CA - Mark Ferguson and other situated
    similarly, i.e. California residents receiving spam from and/or on 
    behalf of FriendFinder, Adult FriendFinder, Asian FriendFinder or any 
    of the other Conru Interactive/Enterprises online companies that has 
    benefited from the use of spam announced today that the Appellate 
    Court for the State of California has upheld the California State 
    anti-spam law. 
    The Appellate Court of California has returned a judgement affirming 
    your right to no longer be bombarded with forced unsolicited 
    advertisements using your time and money while consisting mostly of 
    pornography, pyramid schemes or other such unsavory deals. 
    The Appellate Court of California has agreed to take control of your 
    inbox from the spammer and return it to you, the individual citizen. 
    The Appellate Court of California has also returned regulatory 
    control of issues such as commerce inside the borders of California 
    to Californians by affirming the rights of Californians to say how a 
    company must act within California's border. 
    This is a victory for those tired of spam and for the average 
    individual and a great setback to those that wish to hold you hostage 
    to your inbox and those that would destroy your civil liberties by 
    forcing advertising on the citizenry entirely against their expressed 
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