FC: Montana school suspends student for "10 hottest girls" site

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Date: Thu Feb 28 2002 - 20:50:31 PST

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Subject: Students hot over senior's suspension for posting girls on Web 
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J. Cieciel


Tuesday, February 26, 2002

Students hot over senior's suspension for posting girls on Web site

    Tribune Staff Writer

    More than 50 students staged a 1960s-style sit-in at Great Falls High
    Monday morning, to support a student they say was exerting his rights
    to post what he pleases on a private computer Web site.

    The student, senior Kenny Volk, 18, says Principal Gary Davis
    suspended him last week for "insubordination" after Volk posted head
    shots and brief bios of the school's "hottest 10 freshman girls."

    Volk is appealing his suspension and the transfer to C.M. Russell High
    that Davis reportedly imposed. Superintendent Bryan Dunn is expected
    to rule on his appeal today, Volk said.

    Davis and Dunn would not confirm whether Volk is being disciplined or
    suspended, insisting that federal law prevents them from discussing
    any disciplinary action taken against a student.



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