FC: Politech announcement: CFP dinner gathering in SF on Tue, Apr. 16

From: Declan McCullagh (declanat_private)
Date: Wed Mar 20 2002 - 08:25:13 PST

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      Politech CFP 2002 Dinner Gathering
         Announcing a Politech dinner gathering during the Computers,
         Freedom and Privacy conference in April 2002 in San Francisco. All
         politechnicals and friends are invited. If you're not coming to the
         conference -- or didn't want to pay the $535 to $685 conference fee
         -- but happen to be in the area, join us!
         The current plan is to meet on Tuesday, April 16 at 7:30 pm inside
         the conference hotel, the Cathedral Hill Hotel, in the Hilltop
         Grill and Bar. That's immediately on the left as you walk into the
         hotel. Then we'll head out to -- tentatively, assuming we don't
         have too many people -- a Thai or Vietnamese restaurant about two
         blocks away. Check this page or the Politech mailing list for
         confirmation after there's a head count of RSVPs and a restaurant
         Since April 16 is the day of the pre-conference tutorials -- that
         is, the day before the conference officially begins -- it seems to
         be the best choice for a gathering. EFF and Privacy International
         have events planned Wednesday and Thursday evenings, followed soon
         after by Birds of a Feather sessions -- and Friday is out since
         non-locals tend to leave after the 5 pm scheduled end of the
         This gathering follows Politech dinners in San Francisco in 1999
         and (with the help of John Gilmore) in 1998, and occasional
         gatherings in Washington, DC, such as a November 2001 informal talk
         by Ian Clarke. A brief mention of the possibility of a gathering at
         CFP 2002 drew a strong response; this is the result.
         Where: Cathedral Hill Hotel, 1101 Van Ness Ave (corner of Geary
         Blvd) in San Francisco, at the Hilltop Grill and Bar in the main
         How to get there: The hotel's website gives directions and a map.
         Mapquest's directions are another option. If you get lost, the
         hotel phone number is (415) 776-8200.
         When: Tuesday, April 16 at 7:30 pm PT.
         If you're planning to come, please email me at declanat_private,
         with "CFP" in the Subject: line, so I can make reservations and
         make sure the restaurant is large enough to accomodate us. Check
         back for details, including the name of the restaurant, a week
         before the gathering. See you there!
         Declan McCullagh / March 20, 2002
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