FC: Library filtering trial starts Monday in Philadelphia

From: Declan McCullagh (declanat_private)
Date: Sun Mar 24 2002 - 14:33:39 PST

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    I will be covering the trial (though I may not stay for the entire two 
    weeks) starting tomorrow in Philadelphia. It's at the federal courthouse at 
    601 Market St., courtroom 16-A, starts at 9:15 am and of course is open to 
    the public.
    Politech archive on CIPA (the federal filtering law in question):
    And here's a photo of Bruce Taylor of the National Law Center for Children 
    and Families and some random malcontent six years ago:
    From: Emily Whitfield <EWHITFIELDat_private>
    To: declanat_private, declanat_private
    Subject: ACLU info on CIPA trial starting Monday
    Date: Fri, 22 Mar 2002 13:38:10 -0500
    Hi, Declan. Will we be seeing you at the CIPA trial?  I'll be there on
    Monday and Tuesday. It'll be like old times. Maybe you'll even get in
    another game of pool with Bruce Taylor.
    I hope you'll spread the word that the ACLU has created a comprehensive web
    page with information on the CIPA trial, including a list of daily trial
    witnesses with bios, expert witness reports, examples of blocked web pages,
    and of course all the legal papers. We'll be posting trial updates as things
    You can find the page at:
    And here's our media advisory:
    Trial Begins Monday in ACLU Challenge to Government Censorship of Internet
    in Libraries
    CONTACT: Emily Whitfield, ACLU Nat'l Office
    (212) 549-2566 or cell phone (917) 686-4542
    Stefan Presser, ACLU of PA, (215) 592-1513, ext. 116
    Thursday, March 21, 2002
    PHILADELPHIA--In a nine-day trial set to begin on Monday, the American Civil
    Liberties Union will argue that a federal law that forces libraries to
    censor constitutionally protected speech online is unconstitutional and
    should be permanently struck down.
    At issue is the Children's Internet Protection Act, a federal law passed in
    December 2000 that ties crucial library funding to the mandated use of
    blocking programs on Internet terminals used by both adults and minors in
    public libraries.
    The ACLU will present testimony from librarians, library patrons, website
    authors and experts on web blocking programs. On Monday, Ginnie Cooper,
    Director of Multnomah County Public Library in Oregon will testify. On
    Tuesday, the court will hear from 16-year-old Emma Rood, a patron of the
    Oregon library, among others. Note: Witnesses will be available for
    interview only after they have completed their testimony.
    The ACLU has created a comprehensive web page for the case that includes a
    list of the daily trial witnesses and their bios, legal papers, expert
    reports, and examples of wrongly blocked websites, online at
    The case is Multnomah County Library vs. United States of America, No.
    01-CV-1322. Multnomah County and others are represented by the ACLU. The
    American Library Association has filed a similar challenge on behalf of its
    members; the two cases have been consolidated by the court and will be heard
    together by a three-judge panel.
    Who: ACLU attorneys Ann Beeson, Chris Hansen, Stefan Presser and Kevin
    Bankston, on behalf of libraries, library patrons and website authors.
    What: Challenge to Children's Internet Protection Act
    When: Monday, March 25 - Thursday, April 4, 2002; trial begins at 9:15 a.m.
    on Monday
    Where: U.S. Courthouse, 601 Market Street (at 6th Street) Philadelphia, PA,
    in Judge Bartle's courtroom, Room 16-A
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