FC: Mexican government ponders TijuanaPrisonCam.com, more or less

From: Declan McCullagh (declanat_private)
Date: Tue Jun 11 2002 - 17:47:38 PDT

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    From: "Xeni Jardin" <xeniat_private>
    To: "Declan McCullagh" <declanat_private>
    Subject: TijuanaPrisonCam.com? Mexican Govt. to install webcams in jail cells.
    Date: Tue, 11 Jun 2002 00:30:20 -0700
    This bizarre announcement has received some limited play in Spanish-language
    media here in San Diego... no pithy one-liner I might insert here could top
    the surreal hilarity of the facts themselves. I don't know the actual
    address of the planned webcam site, but the url for the Baja attorney
    general's site is <http://www.pgjebc.gob.mx/main.htm>. --XJ
    Cameras to monitor holding cells
    Baja officials plan link to Internet
    By Anna Cearley
    June 7, 2002
    TIJUANA ­ The Baja California Attorney General's Office soon will install
    Internet-wired video cameras to monitor holding cells and the other areas
    detainees pass through.
    Human-rights organizations, lawyers' groups ­ and eventually the general
    public ­ will be able to access the video through a special Web site that is
    being designed.
    "The objective is to be transparent in what we are doing and to eradicate .
    . . complaints that people are placed in holding cells who shouldn't be
    there and that they are treated poorly or aren't given food," said Antonio
    Martínez Luna, the state attorney general.
    A pilot program has been started at the attorney general's Mexicali office,
    said Raúl Gutiérrez, spokesman for the Tijuana office. The cameras are
    expected to be permanently installed in both offices in the next three
    Officials in Tijuana are still deciding how many cameras to use and where to
    install them. At this point, the cameras won't be recording interviews
    conducted by state investigators, and they won't be placed in areas where
    they might discourage residents from reporting crimes.
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