FC: I've left Wired News and have a new job

From: Declan McCullagh (declanat_private)
Date: Fri Jun 14 2002 - 12:07:55 PDT

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    I've left Wired News and have taken a new job as CNET News.com's chief 
    political correspondent. I'll be working in Washington DC and writing about 
    the same topics I did for Wired -- the ever-growing intersection of 
    technology, law, and politics. You can find my articles at news.com.
    My agreement with CNET allows me to continue running Politech.
    I've spent four years at Wired News (and also worked at HotWired/Wired 
    magazine six years ago), and have tremendous respect and affection for my 
    colleagues who turned wired.com into one of the most interesting news 
    sources anywhere.
    But CNET offered me additional opportunities, and I'm looking forward to 
    working with the excellent writers and editors at News.com. Besides our own 
    network, News.com articles also appear on the New York Times, MSNBC, and 
    Yahoo News sites. We have an agreement with the Boston Globe and San 
    Francisco Chronicle to run our articles on their websites and in print -- 
    all of which means you'll be able to find my articles in more places than 
    It looks like I'll be on CNET Radio with Brian Cooley 
    (http://www.cnet.com/broadband/0-7227152-7-7149065.html) most days around 
    9:40 am ET. It's available on 910AM in San Francisco, 890AM in Boston, XM 
    channel 130, and of course via the Internet.
    My new phone numbers are:
       (202) 299-1013 (office in DC)
       (415) 344-2285 (office in SF, when I'm in town)
    My IM addresses:
       declanindc (Yahoo)
       declanindc (AOL)
    PS: An excerpt from my farewell column is below (scroll down)...
    >    I owe my editors a considerable debt for their good humor and
    >    commitment to solid journalism. I owe my readers an equal debt for
    >    their commitment to keeping journalists in line: It's humbling to know
    >    that readers often know far more about a subject than the writer.
    >    I'm grateful to my fellow reporters at Wired News for the chance to
    >    work with them in chronicling the evolution of technology, society and
    >    politics. Keep up the fierce, intrepid reporting!
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