FC: Stop the presses: Politicos turn to TV, radio, print, not the Net

From: Declan McCullagh (declanat_private)
Date: Wed Nov 06 2002 - 22:40:00 PST

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    Subject: Net Activism Limited on Election Day
    Date: Wed, 6 Nov 2002 17:21:15 -0500
    11 / 05 / 02
    Net Activism Limited on Election Day
    --Survey Reveals Basic Net Efforts Lacking in Many Campaigns--
    Contact: 202.333.4444
    Washington, D.C. -- RightClick Strategies (RCS) today released an Election 
    Day web analysis of 168 House, Senate and Gubernatorial candidates' 
    websites in 2002, that suggested most candidates have not kept their 
    websites current throughout this election cycle.
    "Our survey points out how the use of websites and email in modern 
    campaigns is still limited. Political operatives have yet to leverage the 
    power of the web in elections," said RCS Managing Director Larry Purpuro.
    The review looked at how these campaigns have kept current their websites 
    and used email as a GOTV tool. The survey was based on a review of the 
    front pages of 168 House, Senate and gubernatorial campaigns from 7am - 
    11am on Tuesday, November 5th.
    According to the results, only 41 of the 168 sites, or 24.4%, were current 
    and accurately reflected the fact that it was Election Day.
    Purpuro added, "This instant analysis looked at the web efforts of all the 
    major campaigns during the most important time of the political season, 
    Election Day. If we had to issue a web report card, unfortunately, too many 
    campaigns would get a failing grade."
    "As a GOTV tool, most campaigns have ignored the power of email. Just 11 of 
    136 campaigns, or 8.1%, of races surveyed sent an email reminder to their 
    supporters in the 24 hours leading up to Election Day," observed Purpuro.
    Among GOP campaigns, only 22.4% had updated websites; for Democratic 
    campaigns just 26.5% were updated to show it was Election Day; additionally 
    just 11.8% of Republicans and 13.3% of Democrats provided more detailed 
    information on polling locations.
    Ian Miller of RCS and the project's director, said, "We wanted to take an 
    objective look at how candidates use their websites to support their 
    campaign message and GOTV activities. Our goal in this review was to take a 
    'snapshot' of the campaign websites on 'e-day'."
    "Updating a website and sending out an email reminder are two basic 
    activities -- the failure to execute such tactics would suggest the net is 
    yet to be fully used as a weapon in political marketing," Miller commented.
    The methodology of this study is based upon SiteREVU", an RCS service 
    designed to provide organizations with an objective assessment of their 
    websites and overall online programs. RightClick Strategies (RCS) is a 
    DC-based web consulting firm, providing Internet marketing solutions for 
    enterprises, interest groups and member-based organizations. RCS services 
    include email acquisition, database management, website design, online 
    advertising and e.communications.
    To obtain a copy of the report: http://www.rightclicks.com/e-day
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