FC: Jim DeLong: Tech industry, prisoner of K Street?

From: Declan McCullagh (declanat_private)
Date: Mon Nov 11 2002 - 09:50:25 PST

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    Subject: Prisoners of K Street
    Date: Mon, 11 Nov 2002 12:36:54 -0500
    From: "James V. Delong" <JDeLongat_private>
    To: "Declan McCullagh (E-mail)" <declanat_private>
      Declan -
    Re your piece this morning.
        Prisoners of K Street
        by James V. DeLong
        November 1, 2000
                                 From the October/November issue of CEI UpDate
        Recently I was talking with Roger Cochetti, VP of Network Solutions
        and experienced observer of the high tech scene. "The Internet is at a
        fork," he said. "Over the next couple of years it could be confirmed
        in its existence as a free-market, free-wheeling, chaotic, fount of
        imaginative innovation and multiplying value. Or it could go down the
        road taken by broadcasting and telephone, becoming regulated, stodgy,
        hostile to technical progress, and lawyer-driven."
        These comments are serious. A couple of years ago, members of Congress
        boasted that they knew enough to keep their hands off the Internet.
        They must have lost some brain cells since, because in the current
        session over 400 bills were introduced to govern the Internet in one
        way or another. Congress is even adopting the device of sticking
        mandates into appropriations bills, without hearings or real thought.
        You want to require all schools and libraries that get federal funds
        to impose filtering? No problem-insert it into in an appropriations
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