FC: Calif. law says firms must disclose only online intrusions

From: Declan McCullagh (declanat_private)
Date: Tue Nov 12 2002 - 21:49:48 PST

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    [Why should the law mandate that private firms disclose only online 
    intrusions? Is a small Internet intrusion where 10 customer records are 
    purloined more distressing and privacy-invasive than, say, a massive 
    physical breach of security where millions of customer records are stolen? 
    This isn't exactly a great way to lure firms into an increasingly 
    highly-taxed and highly-regulated state. What a strange (and IMHO 
    unnecessary) law. --Declan]
    Date: Mon, 11 Nov 2002 01:45:02 -1000
    Subject: Perhaps of Internet to Politechbot
    From: Alex Salkever <alex_salkeverat_private>
    To: declanat_private
    Hi, Declan:
    This might be of interest to the list.
    Computer Break-Ins: Your Right to Know
    California law now demands that the public be informed when government or 
    corporate databases are breached. It's about time
    Alex Salkever
    Technology Editor/BusinessWeek Online
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