FC: House adds life-in-prison-for-hackers to Homeland Security bill

From: Declan McCullagh (declanat_private)
Date: Thu Nov 14 2002 - 06:25:10 PST

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    "House votes 385-3 for wiretaps, life sent. for malicious hackers"
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        House considers jailing hackers for life
        By Declan McCullagh
        November 13, 2002, 5:57 PM PT
        WASHINGTON--A last-minute addition to a proposal for a Department of
        Homeland Security would punish malicious computer hackers with life in
        The U.S. House of Representatives on Wednesday evening voted 299 to
        121 to approve the bill, which would reshape large portions of the
        federal bureaucracy into a new department combining parts of 22
        existing federal agencies, including the Secret Service, the Coast
        Guard, and the FBI's National Infrastructure Protection Center.
        During closed-door negotiations before the debate began, the House
        Republican leadership inserted the 16-page Cyber Security Enhancement
        Act (CSEA) into the Homeland Security bill. CSEA expands the ability
        of police to conduct Internet or telephone eavesdropping without first
        obtaining a court order, and offers Internet providers more latitude
        to disclose information to police.
        In July, the full House approved CSEA by a 385-to-3 vote, but it died
        in the Senate. By inserting CSEA into the Homeland Security bill, the
        measure's backers are hoping for a second chance before Congress
        adjourns for the holidays.
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