FC: U.S. Army: Be all that you can be... in new 3D shoot-em-up

From: Declan McCullagh (declanat_private)
Date: Mon Jan 20 2003 - 22:00:53 PST

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    Subject: The Army's E-game
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    America's Army
    January 15, 2003
    The United States Army, with Americas Army: Operations
    being heralded as one of the largest and best first person
    shooter games, is proud to bring to the gaming community
    the ability to rent their own servers running on state of art
    high performance computing technology through
    <http://www.goamericasarmy.com>www.goamericasarmy.com. It is with great 
    pride that we
    bring yet another first from the United States Army in
    enhancing the community and their gaming experience.
    And the review:
    GameZone.com - America's Army Review - PC Game
    America's Army
    by U.S. Army
    Reviewer: Kevin “BIFF” Giacobbi
    Review Date: 10/31/2002
    "Probably the best free military game out there"
    We have seen some great military FPS games in the last
    couple of years from many various developers.  Now the
    Government has stepped up to the plate and has hit a
    homerun.  AA is probably one of the most realistic army
    simulation/FPS on the market.  To top it off…it's free
    for the taking!
    The game is designed to communicate information
    about the many opportunities that the Army has to
    offer; it is a 3D first person shooter that offers players
    to immerse himself or herself into the world of a US
    elite soldier
    In Operations players progress through single player
    basic training missions in preparation for online
    multiplayer missions ranging from defense of the
    Alaskan Pipeline against terrorism as a member
    of the 172nd Infantry Brigade to training exercises
    as a member of the 10th Mountain Division (light
    Infantry).  Mirroring the progressive training available
    to soldiers, players proceed to more advanced training
    by attending a virtual representation of the Army's
    Marksmanship School, Airborne School and Ranger
    School.  Successful completion of each of these
    schools presents players with new assignment
    and adventure opportunities.
    Team play is emphasized and important once you
    enter the online games.  Its not just about killing the
    enemy but also completing mission objectives and
    watching your team mates backs.  My advice is to
    play as a team and do not try and finish the level
    solo.  It really is supposed to be a team game,
    and there is no "I" in team.
    The graphics were quite beautiful.  The maps are
    not really big, in fact they are quite small, but
    beautiful none the less.  Though your drill instructors
    mouths did not move when they were barking at you,
    the animations and the environments were top notch.
    The sounds were realistic from the ringing in your ears
    from close fire to superb voiceovers that usually lack
    luster in other titles.  There is not a whole lot of key
    commands that you have to memorize, so even the
    novice game player should be able to be up and
    running in no time.
    Overall this seems to be a solid game, and as
    the community grows and more missions become
    available this should be an outstanding title for
    years to come.  The best thing is it's free.
    You can download it from <http://www.americasarmy.com>www.americasarmy.com
    or from what the press release boasts, you can
    pick up CD versions from your local Army recruiter.
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