FC: One more round of replies to Florida legislative survey

From: Declan McCullagh (declanat_private)
Date: Thu Sep 11 2003 - 21:11:11 PDT

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    From: "Ray Everett-Church" <rayat_private>
    To: <declanat_private>
    Subject: RE: Florida "legislative survey" does appear to be... real
    Date: Tue, 9 Sep 2003 12:01:45 -0700
    A longtime friend who works for the Florida legislature tells me that this
    is indeed a real communication, most likely the brainchild of Florida
    Speaker of the House Byrd, who is running for the US Senate. He's apparently
    doing everything he can to build up a big database for get out the vote and
    fundraising. I'm told he recently did a mass mailing to all the Florida
    citizens who have signed up for the new "Choose Life" license plate.
    From: Dodsonmat_private
    Message-ID: <1e6.f8f5e6e.2c906979at_private>
    Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2003 07:48:09 EDT
    Subject: Re:  FC: Is Florida government legislative survey real? or spam? 
    or both?
    To: declanat_private
    As a follow-up, see the St. Petersburg article. at
    It's spam, some say of e-mail by Byrd
    The House speaker is criticized for sending out 25,000 unsolicited
    From: Rich Wellner <rw2at_private>
    To: declanat_private
    Subject: Re: FC: Florida "legislative survey" does appear to be... real
    Declan McCullagh <declanat_private> writes:
     > This confusion is a good reason why the governments should only be using
     > .gov, .mil, or state.us addressing.
    In principle this would be great.  But in practice .gov gets attacked more
    than others (or so I'm told by a .gov net ad I know), so sometimes the choice
    must be made between fighting the black hats and getting the work that the tax
    payers are sponsoring done.
    Because the oval office has no corners
    Date: Tue, 9 Sep 2003 12:23:34 -0400
    Message-ID: <09716CE9E445E34988356C1BDC92535D09C27Cat_private>
    Thread-Topic: Is Florida government legislative survey real? or spam? or  both?
    Thread-Index: AcN2qdqGvrifQJTMQHay4fH9ZG4uBAARH8/w
    From: "Charlene White" <CWhiteat_private>
    To: <declanat_private>
    Nope, you nailed it.  It's incompetence, but probably at the executive 
    rather than the technician level.
    Charlene M. White
    Tallahassee, Florida
    Lifelong Florida Resident
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